Viva La Tan

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About Us

Who We Are...

Hello! Welcome and thank you for choosing Viva La Tan for your tanning, relaxation, and skin care needs. Here, at Viva La Tan, we pride ourselves on providing the triad with the best customer service, the most educated tanning consultants, and the best products and beds available. We promise to provide our clients with a warm, comfortable, and relaxing environment, convenient hours and location, and an affordable way to reach your tanning and skin care goals.

 Are you tired of going into your local tanning salon and feeling like you are just a number or that the person behind the counter cannot answer your questions or concerns on how to achieve the best color possible? Are you also tired of outdated equipment producing little to no results?

 At Viva La Tan we understand the various reasons our customers may want to tan; and so, every tanning consultant in our salon goes through a vigorous amount of training and continued education to consistently provide you with the best skin care needs, the greatest tanning results, and even further training for products so that each consultant can effectively counsel each client on which product is best for the individual - not which product will boost the sales for the day. Here at Viva La Tan we will help create a tanning plan to achieve your goals.

Being a customer at Viva La Tan is much more than just 'getting you in and getting you out.' You can always be sure that you will receive the full indoor tanning experience, competitive prices, quality service, and convenience. If you are looking for a relaxing environment where you can achieve that perfect sun kissed glow in the best tanning equipment that will provide you with the most unforgettable tanning experience - then come escape with us, enjoy that relaxing session, and Viva La Tan!

Our Equipment...

At Viva La Tan the options almost seem endless as to how you can achieve the most brilliant bronze that you personally desire. We don't limit your experience to 20 minute beds alone. We have the upgrade option which is a 20 minute bed with a higher pressure output and facials, the 10 minute for the on-the-go customer that would like their 20 minute results in less time, the stand-up that offers high pressure bulbs for that all-over tan in less time, and the Mega bed - The Silver Bullet - that offers bronzing, high pressure bulbs for the best UV output, facials, and a dome-like build to give you that same all-over tan as the Stand-up - but with the pleasure of lying down.

However, do we stop there? No, of course not. We also offer the Mystic Tan! That's right! The quickest, easiest, and most beautiful bronzing SUNLESS tanning option that there is! Do you want color in 60 seconds? Would you like to dry off as soon as your done with the application? Would you like to experience sunless tanning without the often too personal experience that can come with airbrushing? Do you want the most realistic bronze tan without having to lay in the sun? Then, you must want the Mystic Tan!

As we pointed out, the options almost seem endless! Whatever your needs - we've got you covered - and you'll have the best golden tan as a result!